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Update re Ride-into Melton Mowbray on Thursday, 15th August 2019!

Update re the ride-into Melton Mowbray on Thursday, 15th August 2019 it is intended that after coffee we will be riding to the East Midlands Aeropark that has a museum […]


Following group discussion it has been decided to change the venue of our Pub Meet on 3rd Wednesday each month. The NEW LOCATION will be…… All Seasons Cafe Billing Bike […]

The Great Escape

Club members David Jordan and Robin Stafford take a late summer trip to Poland to visit the scene of one of WW II’s most courageous and ultimately tragic POW escapes. […]

Stop Press 2019 – BMW Club Midland Section Cotswold Weekend Event

Interested in this event; please use this website’s Contact Form to obtain a copy of the booking form or visit the Club Journal.

Stop Press 2019 Many Camping Choices!

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