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The BMW Club membership is open to anyone aged 18 or over, who currently owns or who has previously owned or has an interest in BMW motorcycles. The United Kingdom has been divided into a number of regional sections for local membership.The Club has Registers that specifically cover those interested in sporting, sidecars, GS models, and vintage models and each of these sections/registers welcomes club members participation in events. In addition the Sporting Register organises track days for those interested in experiencing riding their motorcycles on recognised circuits. The Club has a tool hire service, a monthly magazine named The Journal and some attractive club branded merchandise. Club sections, registers and national committees actively organise events throughout the year which are open to all members. Full details of The BMW Club membership can be found on the club's main website or by clicking the link below.

When joining The BMW Club you can indicate whichever section or registers that you are interested in and then it is suggested that you review the section and register events and come along to one of their meetings. Please feel free to use the contact page link if you want to have a chat with a member at anytime.

We look forward to meeting you.

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